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We are Arlene and Arthur Steele. We live in Redmond, Washington, just down the Street from the infamous Microsoft Company that is probably being sued by your home State. We are about ten miles east of Seattle in an area known as the Eastside - east of Lake Washington across from Seattle. Arlene was born and raised in Seattle in a Scandinavian neighborhood known as Ballard. That was appropriate since Arlene's father was from Kiruna, Sweden (north of the Artic circle!). Arlene moved to the Eastside in the 1960's. Arthur was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia but has spent more years living on the Eastside in Bellevue and Redmond than he did in his hometown. Nevertheless, Arthur remains a diehard Marshall University Thundering Herd fan.

We are both retired and have enjoyed our “Golden Years” immensely by traveling a fair bit. We have taken wonderful cruises in the Mediterranean Sea, of New Zealand & Australia, from Mexico to Hawaii and from Vancouver, BC to the Hawaiian Islands. Plus we toured Paris France, Copenhagen Denmark and southern Sweden to attend the wedding of Arlene's cousin in Sweden. We spent a week in Cozumel, an island off the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico and in another year we spent a week on Maui in the Hawaiians. This past December we flew to Mobile, AL to enjoy the Gulf Shores for a week and to attend the outstanding Football bowl game in Mobile that was won by Marshall U in an unbelievable comeback 64 - 61!

We have also taken numerous trips inside the USA and will celebrate this year by driving our own car from coast to coast and back again. We did that in 1987 and we feel it's time to do it again. Our cat, Kitty-Dog, will probably divorce us if we take too long! We hope to see friends and enjoy the sights of this wonderful country of ours. A visit to Arthur's kids in Wisconsin & Philadelphia plus his High School reunion in Huntington will govern the scope of this motoring trip. Football games at Marshall Stadium in Huntington, WV and the new Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI will add to the fun.

Two Personal Histories

There are two personal histories published here. They can be selected in the Index to your left. Just click on the title in the index and the story will be called up.

The first history is Grandma Trowbridge's Narrative, an autobiography of a Trowbridge ancestor that is available for reading on-line. This "narrative" is a beautiful piece of primitive writing by an 84-year-old woman in 1874 describing her frontier life. It covers her life between the years of 1790 to 1874, including her trip in 1800 from Vermont to the west, which then was Marietta, Ohio. If someone would like to receive a copy of Grandma's Narrative for off-line reading via E-mail, just drop me a note in e-mail and I'll try to send it to you promptly.

The second history is the Saga of the Hessian Soldier, an unbelievable tale that involves the father of Grandma Trowbridge. Peter Howe, Grandma's father, helped to save the life of a Hessian soldier in a Revolutionary war battle and the tale is alluded to in Grandma's narrative. But there is more to it than Grandma's little tale. This Saga has an unbelievable outcome - be sure to read it while you are here. If you wish, I can email you a copy of this story - just ask me for it.

A Trowbridge Ancestral History

The Trowbridge family can be traced back into history a long, long way. Collections of bits and pieces of notes reside with each individual in a Genealogical software program. As presented on-line, it is very difficult to see the overall picture of your ancestry due to the fragmentation of the data. I collected the data for all my DIRECT Trowbridge ancestry and assembled it into one document. This History can be accessed on the link in the Index to the left by clicking on Trowbridge History.

Steele Genealogy

This database is a collection of genealogical data I have assembled concerning the Steele, and Leebrick families of Pennsylvania, western West Virginia and southeastern Ohio. This data presents 10 generations of the Steele/Leebrick family. The discovery of data on the Leebrick branch of Steele ancestry was due to Mr. Dave Leebrick of Florida finding our web site and also finding that Caroline Leebrick married Robert Moore Steele.

The Leebrick lineage goes back to Mannheim, Germany in the 1700's. They arrived in Philadelphia in 1754 on the ship “Adventure” from Hamburg, Germany. Our Steele's were evidently pure Ulster Scot (Scotch-Irish) until Robert married Caroline. That means my Great-Grandfather, Jasper Newton Steele was Scot-German! Then, Grandmother Joanna Williams Steele was Welsh so my father, Arthur Sr., was Scot-German & Welsh. The Leebrick line goes back one generation farther than the Steele line.

There is also a document on “Who are the Scotch-Irish?” which explains who these unique people are and where they are from. That link is also in the Index to the left.

The Steele & Leebrick links in the Index will take you to the respective families in the database.

There is a link to drop us E-mail if you wish more information, want to request Grandma Trowbridge's Narrative or want to request a GEDCOM file.

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